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Web Content management (WCM)

WCM is desktop application that allows manage pictures and picture info (or list that is inside xml file). WCM also exchanges pictures and its list between your local PC (laptop) and your Web Server via FTP. Here are some terms those are bounded in the certain circumstances: Category-Webpage-List-XML file. E.g. XML file (of pictures) belongs to particular WCM category that has the same webpage name. Or a list of images stored in ring.xml file, those images are stored in Ring (WCM category) folder of your PC and those pictures exposed by your website by ring.html page.

WCM Features

  • In Disconnected Mode: Prepare and save your pictures for all categories (web pages) , save your job (Plan smart - work with a last category which collected more pictures for upload), power off your laptop, go get Internet (e.g. in Public Library), turn on your laptop, run the WCM, continue your work by uploading collected pictures category by category.
  • Uploads one category (of pictures and list) in a time
  • Uploads up to 200 pictures in a time. On exceed: Add/Replace controls will be disabled and Warning Message will appear. Watch quantity of prepared pictures in right upper corner of the main form.
  • Need to change names of many pictures only w/o replacing pictures? - uncheck "Replace Picture too" in File menu. Then Picture Form will not pop up on complete. Complete and Save is always keyboard ENTER button!!

How to manage:

  1. Run the WCM. (Error message occurs in the attempt to run second instance (or clone) of the WCM)
  2. You may close first appeared About Form and work in Disconnected Mode if :
    • Internet or/and FTP are not available
    • Password changed or you forgot it
    • Plan to work for long time with many pictures and categories and upload it later. During the "long time" FTP (Web) Server may malfunction and you job will be lost while you trying to upload your picture to nowhere. If this happened, your pictures still saved in "My Documents/vznti/"category folder where is category may be dring or cring or studio.
  3. Otherwise click Check Connection button and type the password to your Web Server. If connection is available it will validate your FTP Password with the Web Server.
  4. Select/check necessary category (Picture list) on Password Form ONLY in the case:
    • Picture list (on your laptop) is damaged (not opening)
    • Picture list (on your laptop) has less or 0 items compared the web page of pictures on your web side.
  5. Watch the progress and messages
  6. If you see OK for password and all connections checked up then click Start button otherwise try other password or start application in Disconnected Mode
  7. Select Category in the main Form. Your picture list should be populated. If not "Quick Fix" red menu may appear. Click it. Your picture list should be populated now. If your web page has more pictures, then cancel the category (File->Cancel) and run About Form (Help->About) and download the particular xml file from your web see point # 4.
  8. While Adding /Replacing pictures you must type/edit name of the picture first and deal with image later. Also, ALWAYS HIT ENTER BUTTON when you finish editing or adding name of the picture!! Otherwise any changes that you made for any line will not be saved!!
  9. Finish your job - Save or Upload it. File->Save. If there is no Upload go to Help-> About, Click Check Connection button and type password.