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JustPaste © (or Ctrl+V) is an efficient approach to manage your Frequently Used Data or FUD and it is your time saver. It is a useful control application, that may appear partially in control panel of next version of Microsoft Windows OS

Innovative Features
  • Type once all your FUD and Paste it many times to anywhere
  • Select any of your FUD from Icon of Notification Area by right click it
  • Practicaly unlimitaed FUD

There are many ways to get help:
  • Press F1 button and you will get this file
  • Also you can click on question button (next to close button) then, click on one of the control for an info on this control.
  • Send a question to Architect Developer
  • If you need some customization of the TS or any programming you can contact us

To navigate through controls you can use:
  • Mouse.
  • Tabulation (Tab) button allows sequential navigation.
  • Most efficient way is Short cut letter: While holding Alt. button press the underlined letter of desired control.
    E.g. to type preferred seconds in text box - hold Alternative button and press “E” button that will get your cursor to the text box. To check, Set Caps Lock - hold Alt button and hit letter "A” .
  • Via Context Menu: Right click on Notify Icon of Notification Area on the end of the task Bar. E.g. You cannot do ALT-A when the TS © windows is minimized; instead you right click mouse on Notify Icon and click on "Reverse CapsLock Auto Off"
To activate Automatic Caps Lock turn off you must:
  1. Provide (type) quantity of seconds (from 1 to 99) to the 1st text box. (It does not work with empty text box. The Caps Lock shuts down after 0.1 second if you setup it to 0 seconds. The system error of the timer is around 5%)
  2. Check "CapsLock Auto off" check box
  3. Press Caps Lock button on your keyboard. It will automatically turn off after chosen quantity of seconds
World champion in speed typing can type 3 a letter acronym if the “Automatic Caps Lock turn off” set on 0 seconds after hitting Caps button. The champion can also type 3 digits on netbook keyboard with Num Lock set on always off after hitting Num lock button.
Installation is easy.