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Web Design & Developing. Any IT related Projects

We have the experience to make websites secure and efficient. We provide not only Customer's presence on the Web but also offer modern solutions to make Customer's sites impressive & efficient.

We also specialize in Web Content management (WCM) as desktop application to manage web page pictures and pictures info/property. Such as Name, Position, Price etc. You can collect your website pictures (and info) on your laptop w/o internet connection (disconnected mode) and upload those when ftp connection to your web will be available. No experience required to manage WCM, you just need to know your website ftp Password.
Our web development team has experience in C#, JavaScript and libraries with APIs (E.g. Google Map), HTML5/CSS3, XML, Windows Form etc. Storing Info to Microsoft SQL or secure XML files. We use Javascript and AJAX to increase any web page efficiency. 

:: 1 Hour Estimate (during Mon-Fri 08oo-19oo PMT)
What Kind of Project:
We do:
  • Efficient, versatile, dynamic, interactive and agile web sites
  • Conversion from any web site to efficient Website.
  • Store customer Info simultaneously to different SQL Servers at different geographical locations to provide 100% redundancy and availability
  • Improvement of DataBase or other storage (XML/JSON) Structure
  • We test and expose security problems on your Web
  • Web Site multi-user test and improvements
  • SEO
  • Any Computer related tasks based on experience gained from variety of contracts @ Microsoft (Redmond, WA) during last decade
  • Tutoring/Consulting
Run Effect
Simplicity = Efficiency 3d
Web Site Development process includes the following steps:
  1. Admission of Customer's requirements
  2. Proposal for Customer with fixing pricing and stages for a large projects, see Phased Development below
  3. Sign a contract after customer pays 20%-30% down payment
  4. Testing & Deployment on our Servers: Our Web Server has been exposed to customer 24/7 to trace any changes and see a progress
  5. Customer accepts our work and if necessary we make Final Changes*
  6. Customer pays the agreed (remainder) amount. And upon receiving full amount we will accomplish the last step during a few hours
  7. Copy project to Servers of customer preferences. We suggest to change all passwords, of the project after testing and deployment.  We provide all initial passwords, training and any security issues.
Phased Development
Fixed Price on a phased development project:  We divide  the customer project into phases and give the customer a fixed bid for each phase. E.g. 1st Phase is 6 HTML pages controlled by a menu, that can be published as completed Info Website about customer's Business. 2nd Phase is implementation of customer's Sale (Shopping Cart) on HTTPS pages.
 Any modification from the initial estimate is discussed with the customer. There are never any surprises when the invoices are delivered.The Customer always knows exactly how much a project will cost.

*- We require: Most changes should be announced by customer e-mail. Some important changes have been printed/added in a Contract in “Final Changes” Addendum. We keep customer's e-mails while Customer Website exists.

SVG is 'not a heavy Picture' with JavaScript animation, it is just few line of HTML5 code

Missing Opportunity to have a Modern WebSite

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